Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Prometheus movie- Who owns the flying saucer?

The saucer shadow! Was this the craft of the engineers?

As the opening credits role in the Prometheus movie, we see a huge shadow that we eventually see is a type of flying saucer vehicle.

My question?

1.Is the spaceship of the engineers?

2. Or is it  the spaceship of a superior race even to the Engineers, who witness the sacrifice.

This seems to me to be an important part of the movie and perhaps a thought provoking moment right from the start.

This may be brought up in the next movie so I wouldn’t consider it a constant or a fact. In some of the pre production drawings it does show the Engineers getting off the ship, but that does still not mean that it is theirs

It most likely is theirs, but I get the impression that the Engineer is sacrificing himself to a higher power.

Anyone got any ideas?

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