Friday, 30 November 2012

Prometheus Movie- Is the opening planet Earth

What is the Prometheus movie about?

Prometheus! The Opening Sequence

We see a planet! Is it earth? Possibly but not necessarily! It wouldn’t be foolish to think that we were the first or last planet to be seeded.

With the camera passing through the atmosphere we move over a primal terrain that does resemble an Earth like planet. There are mountainous regions, lakes, clouds but absolutely no signs of life at all no birds, no animals even the lake is deadly still like a mill pond.

As we move down a valley, from behind comes a shadow. The shadow of a huge flying craft lets call it a “flying saucer”.

So is this planet Earth……………….. Yes it probably is!

What do I base this on?

 It looks like Earth, and later on in the film we find we share the same DNA as the engineers. We also find cave paintings of what resemble engineers pointing to a planet grouping far away. I think that it is safe to say that the makers of the Prometheus movie want us to think that this is our planet.

So if this is Earth where do the dinosaurs come in? Well who says that we have to be the first to be created in the order of things? If we came first what would we feed on? This question is left open to us. But I think is self explanatory.

We can now start a constants list for the Prometheus movie.

Constant 1. Welcome to planet Earth !

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