Saturday, 9 November 2013

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Prometheus movie-The sacrificial Engineer how long ago did the Engineer sacrifice himself

What is the Prometheus movie about ?

The sacrificial engineer how long ago did the Engineer sacrifice himself?

 Earth is about 4.5 billion years old now, and the Engineer at the end of the movie has been asleep for the last 2000 years, If we say that Earth at the beginning of the Prometheus movie is around a billion years old that gives us around 3.5 billion years of evolution for the engineers and the story. A lot can happen in that time. Can you imagine where the human race will be in 3.5 billion years time let alone a superior race like the engineers?

The question is why they want to mix their DNA with our planet. Is it ritual? Are they told to by their God or a race superior to them? This part of the story has been left to us to decide and therefore adds some mystery to the engineers!

Homosapiens 200,000 years old and 50,000 years ago showed civilized traits( there has been evidence come to light since writing this that the was minig on the earth 170,000 years ago in Africa, and that Africa was the bowl of human civilization.)

So at the minimum they would have around 200,000 years on us! Still a lot of evolution!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Prometheus movie- Who owns the flying saucer?

The saucer shadow! Was this the craft of the engineers?

As the opening credits role in the Prometheus movie, we see a huge shadow that we eventually see is a type of flying saucer vehicle.

My question?

1.Is the spaceship of the engineers?

2. Or is it  the spaceship of a superior race even to the Engineers, who witness the sacrifice.

This seems to me to be an important part of the movie and perhaps a thought provoking moment right from the start.

This may be brought up in the next movie so I wouldn’t consider it a constant or a fact. In some of the pre production drawings it does show the Engineers getting off the ship, but that does still not mean that it is theirs

It most likely is theirs, but I get the impression that the Engineer is sacrificing himself to a higher power.

Anyone got any ideas?

Friday, 30 November 2012

Prometheus Movie- Is the opening planet Earth

What is the Prometheus movie about?

Prometheus! The Opening Sequence

We see a planet! Is it earth? Possibly but not necessarily! It wouldn’t be foolish to think that we were the first or last planet to be seeded.

With the camera passing through the atmosphere we move over a primal terrain that does resemble an Earth like planet. There are mountainous regions, lakes, clouds but absolutely no signs of life at all no birds, no animals even the lake is deadly still like a mill pond.

As we move down a valley, from behind comes a shadow. The shadow of a huge flying craft lets call it a “flying saucer”.

So is this planet Earth……………….. Yes it probably is!

What do I base this on?

 It looks like Earth, and later on in the film we find we share the same DNA as the engineers. We also find cave paintings of what resemble engineers pointing to a planet grouping far away. I think that it is safe to say that the makers of the Prometheus movie want us to think that this is our planet.

So if this is Earth where do the dinosaurs come in? Well who says that we have to be the first to be created in the order of things? If we came first what would we feed on? This question is left open to us. But I think is self explanatory.

We can now start a constants list for the Prometheus movie.

Constant 1. Welcome to planet Earth !

Monday, 26 November 2012

Prometheus Movie - My Thoughts

 What is the Prometheus movie about?

My initial feelings about the film

The opening scene had me hooked from the first second. The music score was fantastic and the quality of the picture I thought was incredible. I had no trouble at all with the 3D everything seemed perfect.

I was surprised to see the revelation of the engineer at the beginning but in hindsight it worked really well. As the Engineer disintegrated and his DNA mixed with that of surroundings I found that the explanation of this process indeed needed no words, it was graphic and to the point. The waterfall in the seen, especially in 3D was amazing.

Next comes our introduction to Shaw and Holloway. They find a cave painting, one similar to others we are led to believe with the same symbols as many other found across the world, This made sense but I felt that it was too short and lacked suspense and so I was not sold on it, but it got us right into the action of the next scene.

The CGI on the Prometheus ship was amazing, hard to believe it was not real, but now the adventure begins ………….. So far so good.

Now for our introduction to David. The android rattling around on a lifeless ship. Fassbender is a great actor, and from the moment we meet him he stole the show for me. What a great bit of casting.

The crew awakes and we get a chance to look at there individual characters. This threw me a bit as I thought that the original crew of the Nostromo (just a towing crew) were more professional than the Prometheus crew who had been selected for a specialized mission. But it still worked.

We get on the Engineers planet fairly quickly and once again the scenery is amazing. The crew waste no time investigating the alien structure. They soon discover a holographic massage of the last minutes of the engineers’ time there before something went wrong. I thought that part was very original.

The middle part of the film was OK great visuals but not really scary so lost a bit of suspense.

Holloway gets infected and unfortunately we don’t see enough of his transformation. This was a great shame.

Fifields transformation was also I felt to short. I would love to have investigated this further so was a bit disappointed when he was killed

Shaw now is infected and the scene where she is in the medpod was intense….. Very good indeed
Crew awakens the engineer. The costume of the engineer was fantastic and the role was very well played

Some of this part was a bit predictable and as a diehard Ridley fan I felt a bit flat.

The ending and final fight was great and I wasn’t ready for that

There is an obvious sequel to be made and for sure new ground has been broken in film making. The Prometheus movie has landed

I left the cinema feeling not very blow away. But within about ten minutes my mind was racing with questions…………. I was sold and wanted to watch it again

Final thoughts after the showing “ wish it was an R rating”  and wish the film was twice as long. Now I haven’t said that about a film ever.

Score 8.5-9/10

My friend made a good point. For such a big film nothing big really happens………..hmmmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What is the Prometheus Movie about

What is the Prometheus movie about?

After much deliberation I have decided to start a blog on the amazing film Prometheus.

I saw the film in June the day of its release at 9.30 in the morning “ NO KIDS, Just die hards”. I left the film knowing that it was good, but by the time I got to my car my mind was racing with questions. I am sure that this is the case for many of us.

What is the prometheus movie about ?


I would like to discuss with whoever is interested, the plot and story line of Prometheus to compare views and more importantly to create a vision of where the next film will go.

I can’t tell you the anticipation the news that Prometheus left me in, and I am sure that I missed a few things that some of you did not.

Prometheus was a kind of perfect film, stunning visuals with a storyline that has not really been explored on celluloid before.

So I ask the question “ what is the Prometheus movie about”